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AHT ValuePak 2

AHT Packages

Feel Like you are there.  With the realism that America’s number 1 projector puts on a large screen.  The Epson Pro Cinema 4040UB  4K projector has advanced image processing features like Super Resolution and the best contrast ratio of any projector near this price point.   Feel the action all around you with Dolby Atmos surround sound powered by the Denon AVRX 9.2 channel Atmos Reciever and the Monitor Audio WT380 IDC 9.1 channel in-wall/ceiling speaker systems( or your favorite speaker brand).   A Fixed Frame Carada Brilliant White 1.4 gain 120″  Projector screen.


Package includes:

  • Epson 4040UB
  • Denon AVR-X4300 9.2 channel receiver
  • Monitor Audio WT380IDC 9.1 in-wall and ceiling speaker package
  • Carada Brilliant White 1.4 gain 120″
  • All necessary Cables and Wires


Many No Up Charge Speaker Options: 

Paradigm Monitor11 v7 7.2 system, Paradigm Elite E80IW 7.1.2 In-Wall/Ceiling Atmos System

Klipsch RP280FA 5.1.4 Atmos System, Klipsch R5800 7.2.4 In wall/Ceiling  Atmos

Just to Name a few

Common Upgrades

JVC DLXA550R 4K Projector    add                          $1395

Screen Innovations Slate Screen  120″  add             $1295

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Slate 120″ add        $1995

Upgrade from Monitor Silver 6 to Silver 8  add     $490

Upgrade to 7.1.2 or 5.1.4  W/CDT280IDC add      $2395

We are happy to add what ever you like, above are the most common.

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Welcome to Affordable Home Theater

Affordable Home Theater is your home for affordable home theater systems in Bothell, Edmonds, and the surrounding areas. We have the lowest prices on premium home theater equipment and installation services. Whether you need a new home theater system or you want to add more components to an existing system, we can provide you with the right solutions. At Affordable Home Theater, we are committed to helping our customers build the home theater system of their dreams. Give us a call to experience the difference we can make in your home theater experience.

Affordable Home Theater is the exclusive supplier of the HTS ValuePak system which was specifically designed to offer custom home theater packages, competitive prices, and exceptional support. Our systems allow you the flexibility to set up your home theater system without the need for a dedicated media room. Instead our systems can easily be installed within the family room for the utmost in convenience. Now you can enjoy high definition screen combinations and theater projectors at affordable prices.

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Our home theater installers are skilled and experience and offer an accurate and efficient installation process. We take the utmost care when handling your equipment making sure to follow industry safety protocols. With our professional home theater installation services, you can begin experiencing state of the art entertainment in the comfort of your home.

Whether you need a full theater package or a home theater projector, we offer the best solutions at the lowest prices. We can also assist you with all of your home automation and security needs. Give us a call for more information or to schedule a free showroom demo when you call us at 1(800) 231-6837 today.