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Cirrus Porjection Screens

Springtastic Tension System

Our spring and grommet system ensures a flat screen surface every time for all time.  One of the most important aspects to any projection screen is how flat the screen sits. Wrinkles can be seen from all angles and cause an unwelcome distraction in the picture.  The Cirrus Screens Springtastic Tension System is designed with one goal in mind, to keep the screen material as flat as possible, for the entire life of the screen.


Countoured Velvet Frame

All fixed frame Cirrus Screens include a 3.4″ countoured velvet frame.  This dark velvet is highly absorptive to eliminate any possible reflections from projector overscan. Why contour the frame?  Projectors are almost never centered in the screen.  They are mounted on the ceiling, or sitting on the ground.  This can create a shadow from the edge of the screen frame on the screen.  Our contoured frame ensures no shadow no matter where your projector is located.  The extruded aluminum construction is the strongest in the industry.

Multiple Screen Materials

Not every installation is the same.  Some have more ambient light than others, some require speakers to be placed behind the screen.  No matter the situation, we have the right material solution.  If your projection system is going into a dedicated theater, our Pearl White material will give you reference level color reproduction.  If ambient light is present, our Slate Gray material will make sure you don’t sacrifice on contrast.  Both our Slate Gray, and Pearl White, are available acoustically transparent.

Stratus Fixed Frame

Slate Grey or Pearl White

100″ $695.00

106″ $745.00

120″ $895

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