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Zero Edge Slate

Screen Innovations

It’s basically a gigantic flat-panel television. By far the most popular screen that we’ve ever made, the Zero Edge® frame presentation was created to give the screen an aesthetic appeal for the first time ever, even with the image turned off. With Slate® and other popular screen materials, 5 Series Zero Edge® is an option that will have a small impact on your wallet, but a huge impact on your experience.

  • SLATE® 1.2Slate® replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light compared to less than 10% of ambient light rejection with a white or gray screen.

  • SLATE® .8The second flavor of our award winning Slate® material, Slate® .8 is black in color but reflects all colors of the spectrum while also able to go massive in size.

Zero Edge Slate

100″ $2520

110″ $2835

120″ $3045

133″ $3705

160″ $4000


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